Rose Petal Jam @ the Sabjimata Outlet Store

Last nite I made a small batch of Rose Petal Jam. It was business as usual in the kitchen, but somehow the jam turned out less than perfect. Alright, I know how. I overcooked it.

It is such a shame, too, because the rose petals were so fresh, fragrant, dewy and plump. In a word, they were perfect. Rose Petal Jam is currently back ordered so I am eager to get some new batches cooked and shipped, but maybe last nite I was a little too eager. Human made means the occasional human error. The jam is okay, but a bit too gooey for my taste. Fortunately, it was only a small batch of six jars. Unfortunately, there are customers waiting for their Rose Petal Jam.

I remember when I was little my mom taking me to the Wonder Bread Outlet (I know) in Woodbridge, where we would purchase smooshed loaves of Wonder Bread and dinged boxes of Twinkies. Maybe I can open a Sabjimata Outlet Store, unloading whatever jars don’t make the Sabjimata Human Made cut at a heavily discounted price.

Here are some pictures from last nite’s session in the kitchen. Everything looks picture perfect, but the consistency of the jam is not how it needs to be. So the wait for Rose Petal Jam continues until some more roses open up. But at least now you know I am an honest jam maker.

The most beautiful flowers…

Petals in the pot…

Cooking with some water…

Boil and stir…

Sugar and pectin added…

Jam ready to pour (or in this case…a little over-ready)

Sealed in jars…

Eaten on a carob peanut butter cookie. Hey, I said it was too gooey to sell, but it is just delicious to eat!


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