Hare Krishnas on NPR: Meatless Delights

This morning, while dropping off my kids at preschool, a teacher told me she heard an interesting story on NPR this morning about the Hare Krishnas.

It is a great story focusing on Gadadhara Pandit from the original Hare Krishna center at 26 Second Avenue in New York.

I’m posting the story here because I think Barbara Bradley Hagerty concisely explained many things well, especially the spiritual practice of cooking food…which, of course, is directly related to what I do here with Sabjimata.

I see this jam making business as my own personal way to distribute the wealth of love I have gotten from my spiritual teachers, which has come to me in the form of learned knowledge and personal realization through practice. I consider all of my products an offering to God, since I am meditating on the Lord while cooking and trying to make all of my actions throughout my day a devotional offering.

The story has a link to “Meatless Delights” and other recipes from the Hare Krishna kitchen. Just hearing Gadadhara Pandit’s description of kichari made my stomach groan with hunger. That and sitting in the car all day with nothing to eat but the mascerated scraps from my children’s breakfast. I really need to plan better.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys hearing the story on NPR. If you like Indian vegetarian food, existential philosophy or are just into new experiences, check out your local Hare Krishna center. In the meantime, I will sit in my car, meditate on jam making and wait for my kids to get out of preschool.

And if your expecting a reference to Hare Krishnas in airports, I promise, Bradley Hagerty won’t disappoint.


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