Sudevi: Sabjimata Sales Associate of the Month

The bus back to Chicago has departed and everyone else has pretty much left the festival at Gita Nagari farm, driving back to Detroit, DC, Texas, Massachusetts and all the other places people travelled from. Everyone in attendance was very enthusiastic and sweet. The farm is a much quieter place with them gone. Unfortunately, we will not be here next year for the annual festival since we are moving soon to Florida.

I was not thinking of selling my jams at the festival because we have been so busy at home just taking care of our kids and packing, leaving little time for much else. But Sudevi suggested I bring over jams to sell since she thought everyone would appreciate locally made products. And the arrangement couldn’t have been easier for me. I made a few batches of cookies for Sudevi to sell in exchange for her manning my jam table.

She is an excellent sales associate since she is naturally humble yet not afraid to make a sale. Me? I am just getting the hang of taking money from people I know. Or even sorta know. She was also very attentive to what people were attracted to and when I would check in with her she was always asking me if I had more Rose Petal or Saffron Cardamom Peach at home. These two seemed to be the most popular with this particular crowd.

I offered her a t-shirt in exchange for her help but she said the cookies were enough. Talk about low-maintanence.



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3 responses to “Sudevi: Sabjimata Sales Associate of the Month

  1. Bhakti lata

    Hey, would you be moving to Alachua, per chance? Ha! As they say, all roads lead to Alachua… with very, very good reason.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    alachua indeed!

  3. Bhakti lata

    you will l-o-v-e alachua. congratulations.

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