Desperately Seeking: Tech Support

This morning I am sitting in my car at the Barnes & Noble in State College, PA working on my Macbook. My Subaru has become my portable office. Yesterday Radharadhya im’ed me to see how I liked the switch over to Mac. To my own ugra-karma surprise, I responded that I wish I had an isb port on my body so I could be directly connected to it. I never thought it possible to love a computer…

That being said, my “I am so smart” ebay purchase of Illustrator 5.5 wasn’t so smart. It’s disk. Disks!!!! What am I supposed to do with disks? I don’t have a disk drive. On my Macbook or on me!!!

Tech support, anyone?



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2 responses to “Desperately Seeking: Tech Support

  1. Vinod

    Haribol mataji!
    You could phone up Adobe and ask them if they would be willing to send a cd version of 5.5? 🙂 You never know.

    Or, borrow an external floppy drive and copy the stuff to your Macbook.

    You could even hook up your Macbook to a network of other computers (PC/Macs) where the floppy drive is shared through the network and copy everything off there.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    I bought an external drive but it the 5.5 is too old to run on OS X. My husband has an old Macbook which I am going to try to load it onto.

    Good advice, though. Thanks!

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