Human (Made) Billboard

Happily, my “Human Made” shirts arrived and are here!

Unfortunately for me, the issue of choosing colors for the ink and tee was just that, a real issue. There are just so many choices; the double edged sword of capitalism. Brown with pink ink? Brown with gold? Charcoal with chartreuse? Cranberry with tangerine? Or the tried but true navy shirt with white ink. As you see, there are as many possibilities as there are pantone colors.

I decided on a brown shirt with tan ink for reasons which are probably way too over-intellectualized. Since the text is all about humans, I reasoned that tan on brown would be appropriate because they are flesh tones. Nerdy, I know.

The shirts are short-sleeved Fruit of the Loom, available in sizes XS (youth large) thru XL. All you have to do is PayPal me $11.99 (+ shipping) and you can be as cool as me. Possibly even cooler.

Have a strong aversion to browns? Feel free to leave comments about what you think would have been a good combo for the next go around of shirts. All attempts at over-intellectualizing your color scheme are truly welcomed.



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2 responses to “Human (Made) Billboard

  1. caitanyananda das

    me thinks i need to buy one.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    hari! three devotees finished off a quart of asparagus pickle for breakfast at the temple. isn’t that weird?

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