Experiential Learning or Complete and Utter Waste of My Time?

This evening I asked a friend to help me upload a three column template for my jam blog. Much of the sidebar content was trashed when the upload was complete and I was left staring at the screen with a thumping heart while my kids bounced off the walls in the room behind me. I spent hours upon hours trying to get this blog to look good and in a press of a button, my efforts vanished.

Last nite my son took forever to go to bed (I lie with the kids while they try to drift off to slumber) and I did not get out of his room until 11. We had a showing today (they prospective buyers will be looking at other prospects: they said our house was too big) so I had to do a big spic and span cleaning last night. While we were happy to get the showing, the call came in while I was driving my kids back from State College and my husband was getting ready to head out the door for work. So basically that meant I would be cleaning solo. By the time I could escape the kids’ room, I was too tired to bust out the mop. I set the alarm for 4 and prayed it would be enough time to clean before I had to drive the kids back to State College.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 3:30, grabbed a bucket of hot water with eucelyptus oil, and got scrubbing. The kitchen looked great, all shiny and new and the rest of the house, minus a few rooms I didn’t get to, looked pretty comfortable and clean enough.

So, with the all nighter, no sale on the house and then my blog layout blooping from existence, I was a pretty crabby woman. Thankfully I was able to get some clarity (but not sleep) and figured out a way to make my new and improved blog even better. Now I know exactly what I’ll be doing while I sit in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble waiting for the time to pass to pick up my kids from preschool: not working on figuring out Illustrator for the labels, which is what my original plan was.

Ahh, of mice and men, I am always the mouse.


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