Slow Food Deserves Slow Shirts

So, my “Human Made” t-shirts should be arriving soon. I hope. They are taking longer than expected. To make? To ship? I am not sure.

These shirts are a mystery. I emailed the person who designed them to see if he is cool with me crediting him on this blog for the shirts. He is kind of a highbrow person and I don’t want to bring down his uber-image by associating him so intimately with my humble, earthy jam. I am very grateful to him for designing the shirts. Although he hasn’t responded, in this case I will not take silence to mean consent. But I will say that his initials are R.F. And he has a job. A job that pays into Social Security. I hope that doesn’t give too much away.

The shirts are being printed by TDT Silk Screening in New Jersey. I hung out in high school with the owner, Geoff Dagastino, and he is giving me a really good rate on the printing. Chris Daily out of Harrisburg offered to print the shirts for me, but his prices were higher than TDT’s. I wish I would have talked it over with him more because I just found out he would have matched TDT’s prices. And he’s local.

Anyway, my shirts are supposed to be in transit, but I am not sure if that is the case since as of yet I have not received the invoice. So if you want to know what I’m doing these days, its sitting around waiting for UPS to show up. I am taking a break from jam making because there isn’t much to can right now and I am just trying to enjoy having a cleaned up and put away kitchen for at least a week.


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