Back from the Appalachians

We just got back from a weekend retreat in West Virginia. This was my family’s first year attending the Festival of Inspiration and we all had a great time. While there was a whole schedule of events taking place, we ended up mostly hanging out with our kids, eating a lot and trying to stay dry in the rain.

Kiriti, myself, Venumadhava, Vrindavani and Madhumati walking from our cabin to the festival site.

Surprisingly, I met a handful of blog readers (I mean readers of this blog). Everyone was very encouraging, both about my writing and my jam. Although I did not go there to sell jam, I had a small stash in my car for anyone interested. And a good thing, too, since I was able to sell a few jars.

I only brought one jar of asparagus pickle with me. I knew one of my big pickle customers was going to be there so I figured I would give her a sample. But money is the honey, as they say, and one young man offered me five bucks for a jar of it (retail price: $3.99). Sold. And Mrs. Big Pickle? She got a jar of plum jam, on the house of course.


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