Oil on My Brain

Okay, this oil thing (see “Asparagus Pickle” entry) is really keeping me up at night. I feel like an evil-doer, purchasing and cooking with corn oil. I’m not going to get into the in’s and out’s of my anti-corn oil position, but I feel cheapened by my use of it.

Business doesn’t have to be about the bottom line, does it? I mean, that’s what big business is about, but a micro-business…this business…my business is supposed to be about something different!

To be practical, I have the corn oil. The asparagus are in. I do live in the middle of nowhere with limited shopping resources. And we are moving from Pennsylvania to Florida in less than 2 months.

I did some research today and am looking into bulk olive oil (cold pressed) and bulk rice bran oil. I am also considering purchasing bulk cold pressed coconut oil, but since that is solid at room temp it will probably see little action outside household use (we love fresh, fried, fatty foods).

So I will continue with the asparagus pickle with corn oil but whatever pickle comes after our move will definitely get an oil upgrade.


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