Eat Your Flowers!!!

A mash-up of flowers, Tulip Petal Violet Blossom Jam has a delicate floral bouquet and a blush of spring color! Who wouldn’t want to spread that on their toast, top off a stack of pancakes with it or replace that old tired can of comstock cherry pie filling with a topping your cheesecake is actually worthy of? My daughter, Madhumati, ate it for dinner with piping hot puris. She devoured the combination in an instant.

The first time I made any sort of flower jam I was surprised how good it actually turned out. I was worried it would taste like my grandmother smelled. Like old lady rose perfume. Thanfully, the two sensory experiences turned out to be unrelated. The flavor of the jam definitely was more subtle than grandma’s perfume. Tulip petals on their own have a refreshingly crisp and clean taste. Since the petals are large, they actually have some substance to them. While violets are often used as a way to add a quirk factor to salads, tulip petals seem like a bolder, more functionally flamboyant statement. Varigated in color from white, yellow, pink and red to multicolored striated sunbursts, even the edges of the petals can show some flare. We have varieties with traditional clean lines as well as feathery tips. And the taste just screams “drizzle me with some good quality olive oil and toss me, baby!”

Here is a picture of me from yesterday with my violet blossoms. I have cooking pictures which I will try to get up within the next few days. While moving to Florida means leaving behind my wonderfully functional kitchen (yes, I did call moving companies to get quotes on taking it with me…hey, Europeans move with their cupboards!!), I will at least have high speed internet, which means blogging won’t take up more time than jam making.

Quite by coincidence I received the latest copy of Bon Appetit in the mail today. Not only did Orangette write her monthly on making berry jam, there was a page on edible flowers. Tis the season, I suppose.



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2 responses to “Eat Your Flowers!!!

  1. dhanya

    you are so beautiful…and so is your jam.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    awww what a sweetie! mmmuh! the jam is so beautiful…i am just an old lady.

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