It’s Over

My “Interstitial Moment” is officially over. Today we took the kids to their first day of preschool and on the way home decided to take the house off the market. We are staying.

Yesterday Venumadhava broke down in tears. He just wanted friends. That was enough to make a mata’s heart break in two…*crack*…right down the middle. He even cried real tears. Luckily, this morning was their first day of school. Since we have to drive one hour to get to the Montessori of the Nittany Mountains, we all got up at 6 am. Venumadhava saw that it was still dark out and said “This is CraZy!!!”

Even though it was far, the kids were enthusiastic. Madhumati, who likes to sleep in, took a little nap in the car. We arrived at 8:30 and the kids met their new teachers, new animal friends, some kids and the new environment. All was going well until my husband and I were getting ready to leave (of course!). We went outside while the kids waited with Ms. Lynn on the other side of a huge plate glass window. Venumadhava started wailing. We waved, as per Ms. Lynn’s instructions. Madhumati’s face lit up and she waved back. In the car we went, off to Wegman’s (ahhhhhh).

We came back at ten to 11. By this time there were about 40 kids, all busy with their “work.” Venumadhava was busy putting together a puzzle on the floor. Madhumati, who said “You can call me Madhu,” was the tiniest girl in the school. She was sitting at a teeny table with the second tiniest girl in the school (formerly tiny #1), a sweet looking Indian girl with newly grown in hair and 22k gold post earrings. They had trays with clear glass bowls with marbles inside. They were very busy scooping. I mean “working.”

When Venumadhava saw us he gave us a dirty look and went back to his puzzle. Then he came over and excitedly showed us the picture he painted of a man burning in lava. In the words of my forefathers, “I kvelled.”

The kids were supposed to just go from 8:30 to 11 all week but since they did so well Ms. Lynn invited them to stay until 11:20 tomorrow, which is a natural break point in the day. She told us that Venumadhava, who is simply Madhava (we suggested Venu, but he thinks Madhava is cooler) at school, worked with other children for most of the day. She said that it was Madhu who led the way by not crying and being brave. Madhava followed suit. She then asked us about the serpant with many heads which Madhava was telling her about. Kaliya! Ms. Lynn said she knows some things about Krsna but never heard of Kaliya. She suggested we bring in a book tomorrow. Will do, Ms. Lynn.

If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have said “No thank you” to sending my kid to school. But now I see it is a much needed life change. The classrooms are orderly yet full of creative routes for exploration. The teachers all think it is cool that we are Hare Krishnas. While some people may see us as too close minded, the school sees us as adding a new flava aka diversity. And I definitely liked that one little girl came decked out in her silk kimono and Japanese accoutremonts.

We are comfortable with our kids there. We are comfortable with the people. One parent, from Milan, wore a very Italian sweat suit and huge red and black glasses. He was very Italian and very friendly. Sure, it is the kind of crowd that expects my husband to be a doctor when they hear he works at a hospital, but they’ll get over the fact that he’s a murse.

We love our house. We love the mountains. We love that I can legally make jam right out of my beautiful kitchen (yes, I did come home and hug my sink once we decided to stay). Basically, I feel like a large heart attack has been lifted off my medical record.

Now to find some classical Indian dance and music instructions for the kids. In State College.

Oh, and now that we are staying, I think I may have to start a new blog. Or at least reconvene the old one.



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5 responses to “It’s Over

  1. Mandakini/Margaret

    I'm so happy that your littles had a good first day of school. It sounds like a very nice place to learn and make friends. Very diverse.

    So, back to my plan A. When my parents sell their house in VA and buy a house in WV we're gonna come up to visit you. I think you're about two hours from where my dad is working (Martinsburg, WV).


  2. Satyavati devi dasi

    I'm so psyched for your kids. The nicknames especially just made me laugh; Madhava is 'cooler' LOL!! When I was 5 I told my mom I was changing my name to Linda Sue cause it was 'neater'.

    I'm glad they were so enthusiastic and not having a meltdown over being left alone. What a worry off your mind! It's going to be so great for them and you are going to get a break!

    And I have to say that I think Yiddish/Jewish (is this the right word?) 'dialect' is probably the most colourful I know. Not to mention just inherently comical. I'll never forget Paul Shaffer saying "I feel like a shlub."

    'Kvelled' rocks. Someday you have to write me a whole glossary.

    And yep, now you can plan on a visit, sometime as soon as I can staunch the mad vortex of chaos.

  3. kurunandana

    I am so happy for you- I am living my life through you since you are courageous enough to make the commitment to the farm and I can only wish to be that courageous and faithful.

  4. kisori

    I'm so happy your family is staying at Gita Nagari and making it work!!! I am happy that you are happy, I am happy that 'Madhu' and 'Madhava' are happy – how many times can I use the word 'happy' in one sentence!?! I also like the fact that you came home and hugged your kitchen sink (I would too!) Can't wait for the annual fourth of July program/vacation. But I will come and visit way before then;)

  5. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    So is there another blog somewhere? Or will you be continuing here? Just wondering, missing your ramblings.

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