Download my mind..

You too?

Don’t know how this got in my head


Standing by the beech border, looking out
at the tracks of my car, which resemble a trail of
teardrops leading back to Lotharville,
I think, Why have I lived so many years on
this side of the village, when I prefer
the other side? And then, as a cat crawls deftly
over the snow, sniffing at the bark of a tree,
I think, Perhaps I prefer
the side I don’t prefer. And the cat moves on.



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2 responses to “Download my mind..

  1. kmala

    love this. this makes me think we should have a krsna grrrl spoken word, even if you didn't write it. ok, maybe that would be cheesy.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    See my post on this!

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