Breaking the Principles

Here it is. The bittersweet chocolate pudding pie I made from the February issue of bon appetit magazine, possibly the only vegetarian preparation in there (it was a free subscription with a purchase from Sur la Table).

The pie was easy to make and everything I used was organic. Of course, that included 3 bars of Green & Black organic dark chocolate. That, coupled with the cream, whole milk, scant amount of sugar and cocoa powder created a surprisingly intoxicating dessert.

Although I wasn’t planning on having any, I caved Monday morning when I served it for breakfast with khandvi (you always need a savory to balance the sweet). The pie really isn’t very sweet and the children only ate the whipped cream topping. My slice was small. Regardless of this, there was an effect.

The effect for both me and my husband was instant exhaustion, even though I felt the blood rushing through my head at a rate previously unexperienced. It was as if the stimulation was so intense that we missed the expected wired part. My husband had to take a nap.

By noon I was totally nauseus. My husband, however, recovered and had a slice of pie for lunch. Madhumati had a good sliver as well.

A few hours later Madhumati was crashing, crying and flailing on the floor. It was as if she was having a bad trip.

By late afternoon my husband was starting to feel queasy as well. That was when we decided we had to unload this pie. Just the thought of it was making us sick. And we were surprised. It looked absolutely beautiful. My husband has been known to eat half a pie one day and then eat the other half for breakfast the next morning. Topped with ice cream. But this thing, despite being offered to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, was the devil. We renamed it Chocolate Poison Pie.

We brought some to Mother Kaulini, along with a full warning and disclaimer of any responsibility. Of course, she ate it, unaffected by it’s intoxicating effect. I dropped some off with another couple who looked at me skeptically when I delivered the warning along with the pie.

After distributing the pie we headed to Wegman’s, over an hour away. I felt like leaving Vrindavan for Delhi, trying to get a little sense gratification. The drive felt authentic, especially because my husband had to pull over so I could barf poison pie on the side of the road.

That was four days ago. Last nite the wife of the couple called me to tell me “thank you” for the pie and also that they were really surprised by the intoxicating effect it had on them. It lasted for hours.

This pie is serious. It is no match for devotees who keep their bodies clean of caffeine and other stimulants. I warn you all! Do not eat the bittersweet chocolate pudding poison pie from bon appetit! It looks tempting, but it is really revolting.

But if you want to loose all taste for chocolate, by all means, eat the bittersweet chocolate pudding poison pie from bon appetit magazine! As I told my husband, eating it is like being locked in a closet with a pack of Lucky Strikes and having your dad say, “You wanna smoke? Good! Go ahead and smoke! And you’re not coming outta there until you smoke every last one of them!”



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2 responses to “Breaking the Principles

  1. Satyavati devi dasi

    It looks gorgeous. My husband doesn't like really strong chocolate so something like this would never go over here… this is Cheesecake Country!

    If you like to bake there is a good book called The Cake Bible. I got mine for like $4 used on Amazon. Of course the recipes call for enough eggs to keep a whole chicken coop busy but I have had great results with just replacing them. So far, the only thing I've found that I absolutely can't work out vegetarian is meringue.

  2. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    Oh, it sounds so yummy, even after hearing of its ill effectas, this fallen soul still desires to try and enjoy the chocolate poison pie. . . I am so weak!!!

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