They make you old…

No, it’s not from sugar. Rise and shine and my kids are ready to climb, jump and roll. As the photos attest, Venumadhava is especially active. I appreciate his youthful brand of joi de vivre, yet wouldn’t object if he stopped jumping in the kitchen and swinging from the refrigerator door while I was cooking. It is distracting. And irritating. And vibrating.

I feel like such a cliche of an old lady. “Just looking at these kids tires me out!”

Tonite I was really proud, however. My son used his powers for good. During our evening kirtan, he grabbed the kartals and announced he was going to lead “Nrsringha Prayers and Jagannatha Prayers.” To the surprise of both me and my husband, Venumadhava’s singing was accompanied by high kicks, spins, jumps and one kneed slides. We realized we had witnessed the future.


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