Paneer. The other white meat.

You make the t-shirt and I’ll wear it. No, you cannot substitute “Tofu” for “Paneer.” You can never substitute tofu for paneer.

Ain’t that right, Dairy Bear?



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2 responses to “Paneer. The other white meat.

  1. kmala

    daaaamn straight. dairy bear! love it.

  2. Mandakini/Margaret

    You can take the man out of Japan, but you can't take the tofu love out of him ;0) My kids and hubby would eat tofu everyday, 3x a day if I cooked it that much.

    I'm a paneer girl all the way, but everytime I make something with it my husband says, "You're trying to kill me, aren't you?" Argh! So now it's just made Ekadasi for the kidlets…curd steaks in bbq sauce anyone?

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