Trunk Show

Babu is finally home! and we are now feeling some relief. The kids and I left early morning to pick him up at 9:30 at BWI. Both Venumadhava and Madhumati puked during the car ride down to Baltimore. Honestly, I thought it was the perfect end to the most imperfect month. Poetic justice indeed.

After our family was reunited we headed to the Baltimore Aquarium, took in the dolphin show, started feeling depressed when looking at the puffins encased in a glass room with no where to fly, bought some overpriced juice and chips at the cafeteria (11 bucks!!!) and made for the car.

My husband had a wonderful trip. When I asked him what he would have done differently when teaching his course, he replied, “Nothing.” It went that well. He and the nurses, all of whom were away from their families as well, became very close and the pictures my husband shared with me showed that. The nurses as well as the Bombay devotees all took great care of him.

Once home, my husband was eager to unpack all the clothes he brought back for us. Venumadhava and him each have matching silk kurtas. The tailor remarked that this was some rich four year old. I know this insn’t what we are aspiring for, but I have to say my kid looks like a real lady killer in his mandarin collared long kurtas.

For all the shoppers out there, here’s the part you are interested in. (I am such a spaz. But whatever.) I got four beautiful South Indian cotton handloom saris in muted lilac, olive, burnt orange and teal. I am not a huge teal fan but the ladies who took my husband shopping insisted he get me something more colorful. It will be good for everyday wear.

Additionally he had a ton of skirts/ghagras sewn for me(some of which look remarkably similar to petticoats because they are solid colors but, again, whatever.) And to go with the skirts, kameez tops, which the tailor thought was an odd combination. There are three bandhini outfits, some chikan and eyelet, etc. I am feeling very satisfied and materially rewarded for my month as a single mom.

But, what I was most excited about were Madhumati’s dresses. I bought a pattern at Walmart, although the tailor disregarded it in lieu of going off the picture. Despite this daredevil sewing method, the dresses all look spledid. The neckline is a little low, as if modeled on a choli, but nevertheless, I love them.

So, here is a pictures of 20 of my little girl’s 21 dresses (she is wearing a pink paisley/butterfly dress today, number 21). Her closet is now officially full. I feel like we just did shopping for her dowry. Anyone looking to make a match? Our daughter is well supplied…They are slightly large on her since she is so small but considering there are so many, it will take her a couple of growth spurts to get through them all.

Oh, and the other highlight was the rickshaw toy my husband brought back. Tres Indian!



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3 responses to “Trunk Show

  1. kisori

    Very nice Devadeva – love the outfits! I especially love the rickshaw toy!!!

  2. kmala

    the dresses are so cute… very little house on the prarie. and that rickshaw toy is crazy… love it!

  3. Mandakini/Margaret

    Yay! You survived and your husband made it back safely.

    Those dresses are so cute. Only in my dreams…


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