My Boy is Four!!! That’s BIG!!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my dear son, Venumadhava Das!Thank you for giving me such a crazy extreme natural child birth. Thank you for being such a clingy needy boy. You teach me so much and give me so much in return. You are the best cuddler, the best hot water bottle on those cold winter nites. You are always the perfect size to fit in my arms. Always be my mama’s boy! Well, until you’re like seven. Then that would just be kind of weird.

Happy Birthday brand new baby boy!!!

Looking cute while mata cooks breakfast for Candramauli Swami

Always in the backpack…at Sayreville’s first Ratha Yatra down Washington Road…mata just pregnant with Madhumati…

Better late than never! Walking at 14 months in North Carolina

There were some rough patches…

With some head injuries along the way…

But so far life’s been pretty tolerable.

Now if only my babu would come home from Bombay…


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One response to “My Boy is Four!!! That’s BIG!!!!!

  1. Mandakini/Margaret

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Venumadhava!!! You're such a big boy now. Glad your mata has you to cuddle up with ;0)

    much love,
    Mandakini, Bhakta Vatsala das, Kapila, Rasaraj, & Narada Muni

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