No Pleasure in the Material World

My husband has been gone since mid-day Friday.

Since his departure, these are the highlights of our life:

*Madhumati pushed a triplet from the top of a staircase
(I caught the baby midway down)

*Madhumati fell down our staircase (she grabbed on to a step and resisted the inertia half-way down)

*Venumahdava totally freaked out when left with my mom Saturday evening

*The kids freaked out M. Taruni when she watched them for 2 hours Monday by throwing books and cars as well as going outside barefoot

*Practically every time I get out of the shower there is a chorus of crying and/or screaming

*I tried to take a nap and was awakend by Venumadhava saying, “I flushed the toilet and the water kept going all over the place.” Consequently, the bathroom and the temple room were flooded.

Right now I wish I could be impaled by one of Krishna’s shark shaped earrings. Or maybe eat some gunja berries (are those things poisonous?).

Maybe if I put enough wood in the woodstove I will dehydrate. Better yet, maybe I will evaporate.

If only I had money I would buy a tv. No make that a room full of tv’s. Wait, I mean a house. Yes, I would build a house from tv’s. My kids would be forced to watch it, lulled into a hypnotic trance and I could plug one in and drop it into my bath.

Okay…maybe this post should be called “Suicide Solution.” At least I was able to put a smile on my face. Sometimes a woman needs to nourish her inner 15 year old.


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One response to “No Pleasure in the Material World

  1. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    My mother said she always swore she would never use a TV to babysit her kids, until she had us. Sometimes it's good for everyone. Maybe not good, but better than the alternative of taking a bath with one that's plugged in. You know they make days of Krishna's pasttimes on DVD!
    Good Luck. . . I feel your pain. Wait until they are 9 and 5, when you are in the kitchen making their lunch, they don't flood the toilet, they break each others bones!!

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