Sunday at Potomac

Sunday we visited Potomac temple. The kids and I were staying at my in-laws while my husband flew to San Diego for hospice training. Cooped up in the house all morning, I took the kids to the temple early. We got there at 3. They were done by 4. The program didn’t begin until 5:30. We left at 5:25.

The place has changed a lot since I lived there in 2000 and 2001. The temple room floor is now beautifully tiled in marble. The half of the grhasta asrama where I lived with Samvit, Jambavan and Hanuman is now a one family apartment complete with kitchen and back deck. Children’s toys are everywhere on the property.

But Lilananda Prabhu is still there, always thinking about Gita Nagari and how to serve in two places at one time.

Caitanya Nitai Prabhu is still cooking in the kitchen, cracking jokes and just being an all around wonderful example. I was so happy to see him. Without a doubt his heart is devoted to Krishna. Easily he could have left the temple years ago and gotten some kind of job at someone’s shop. Anyone who knows him would attest to the fact that he is extremely affable and would make a fantastic saleseman.

But he chose to stay in the temple. Married to Radha Bhavani and the father of two very cute boys, Mohan and Arjun, he truly is living an enviable life.

Venumadhava and I hung out with Mohan. The boy is very cute, talkative and funny. Loaded with personality, Mohan reminded me every bit of his father. I am sure he will be very succesful in his life.

Quite a few small kids live on the temple property and their parents are all engaged in service. These devotees are living the life I wanted to live. And yet, as a mother of two small children, I honestly can say I don’t know how they manage temple service and their family commitments. The situation is austere and I wouldn’t be surprised if it may be frustrating at times. But the benefit is unimaginable.

My mind flickers “if only I was more renounced.” But what is renunciaton?

O Arjuna, when one performs his prescribed duty only because it ought to be done, and renounces all material association and all attachment to the fruit, his renunciation is said to be in the mode of goodness. Bg 18.9


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