Visnujana Swami, Nectar of Devotion Class, Mayapur April 1975

Dancing Before the Deity. [page 75] “In the Dvaraka-Mahatmya the importance of dancing before the Deity is stated by Lord Krishna as follows: ‘A person who is in a jubilant spirit, who feels profound devotional ecstasy while dancing before Me, and who manifests different features of bodily expression can burn away all the accumulated sinful reactions he has stocked up for many, many thousands of years.’”
So in other words, one should dance before the Deity very jubilantly, even if one doesn’t have the symptoms of ecstasy, namely tears in the eyes, shivering in the body, still he should dance before the Deity on the order of the Spiritual Master. One should not think, “Until I become advanced enough I won’t dance before the Deity.” No, one should follow the order of the Spiritual Master, the desire of the Spiritual Master, and dance very jubilantly and nicely before the Deity, and this will increase your enthusiasm for devotional service. If you stand in the background and don’t dance jubilantly, then you won’t be able to pick up the desire to join in kirtan without any thought of time, space, circumstances, etc. The nice thing is when you lose yourself in the kirtan. If you feel that this chanting can go on and on and on, that’s the nicest.


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