Snana Yatra (pictures from finish to start)

This past Sunday was Jagannatha Snana Yatra. Attendence was small since many devotees were in NY for Ian’s wedding, which apparently was a real life boogey down production. The mood was family (especially since Hari Chakra Prabhu’s clan was at least half the devotees attending).

We all bathed the Lord with a conch of either honey, ghee, milk or scented water while the kirtan glorified the Holy Name. Afterwards we escorted Jagannatha down to Prabhupada’s cabin along the bank of the Yamuna. He has been there since, enacting his “sick” pastime. Saturday we will all go with the Ratha to pick him up.

It was especially nice seeing Mother Kaulini with her Jagannatha. These were the Deities she took care of on the ladies sankirtan party and these are the Deities that she dresses every morning. Her happiness serving them is obviously not artificial.

This afternoon we visited her at the cabin with hopes of sneaking a special darsan. No luck today but we may try again tomorrow. Mother Kaulini was there with a Prabhupada lecture playing. I asked if there was any maha and she pointed me in the direction of a large tray of dried fruit, nuts, cookies and fresh apricots.

She bought the apricots at the Cheesnook the day before. A special purchase for Jagannatha. And then the servant of the Supreme Lord said, “Advaita said these are his favorite fruit. We have to remember that.” Even though she is more than fully engaged taking care of the Lord and His cows, she still makes that extra effort to render some service to the devotees, even if in this case it is just mentally.


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