Loving Exchanges

I am feeling the richness of the ordinary. Our time at the barn in the evenings with Mother Kaulini, who always is a source of inspiration and encouragement for my family, is like the appearance of the cooling moon at the end of a hazy summer day. Whatever fire burns my mind, her association quickly extinguishes.Her wisdom is simple yet deep. Instructive, not preachy.

Last nite she shared some some words from H.H. Satsvarupa Maharaja. Many years ago when Mother Kaulini was taking care of the Gita Nagari sankirtana ladies, she felt some frustration with the ladies, their minds and the service. When speaking to Satsvarupa Maharaja about it, he instructed her to “expand your heart and act like a mahatma.” Anyone who knows Mother Kaulini can attest to the fact that she has followed that instruction without deviation.

Mother Kaulini makes no distinction. She is so open hearted and broad minded, readily accepting the service of anyone who makes some sincere effort.

After the Sunday feast class, which Mother Vrajalila gave on the six loving exchanges between devotees, Mother Kaulini spoke to me about Jayananda Prabhu. She said that he ate all kinds of things. He didn’t do this for his own sensual gratification. Rather, he accepted whatever anyone offered him in the mood of, “this is a devotee offering me prasadam.”

I pray that I can one day imbibe that mood of the great Jayananda Prabhu and see the love and devotion in all the devotees efforts. I pray that I can one day be at the level of consciousness that I do not have to make distinctions. That my faith in Krishna will be so strong that I do not feel I have to protect myself from material energy. Dear Krishna, please protect me from my own offenses as I struggle along this bhakti-marg, trying to walk in the dust of the great souls. Please empower me to expand my heart so that I may get the mercy of the mahatmas.


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